7 Aussie Themed Places You Have To Try in Toronto

August 10, 2017

I love travelling and seeing the world, but I am also proud to say I’m from Australia and love what us Aussie have got to offer. In Toronto, being the multicultural city it is, you can find some great Aussie themed places….I’m not talking about Outback Steakhouse or places that serve Fosters, that’s not Aussie don’t go there! I’m talking about Aussie or people who have lived in Australia starting up cafe’s or even a place to grab a great Aussie meat pie.


location // 17 Gristmill Lane, Distillery District

Located in the cool area of Distillery District, you will find the cafe Arvo. For those not fimiliar with the term, arvo is a abbreviation of ‘afternoon’ because in Australia (‘straya) we love to shorten everything…..barbie, servo, avo, maccas, footy, chocky, see how many you can get.

Not only is this place in an area that has been screaming for a great coffee, the cafe is also really cute and has a warm homey feel to it. The place is started by Aussies so you know you’re sure to find a delicious coffee. They also serve smashed avo (avocado)….there you go there’s one of the abbreviations.



Another abbreviated name from our most popular animal that you’ll find on the Australian emblem. We’re also the only country that eats an animal that’s on our emblem but let’s not get into that. If you’re looking for a classic Aussie meet pie, you have to try Kangas! They also offer sausage rolls, lamingtons and great coffee.


location // 679 Lansdowne Ave

This cafe is exactly what most cafe’s in Toronto are missing, that is so popular in Australia. Great brunch mixed with great coffee! At this Aussie cafe you will find items on the menu such as Smashed Avo, Bondi Burger, brekky roll and lamingtons. A really cool cafe with Aussie themed books and wallpaper around the cafe. I highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to know why Australia is so popular with it’s cafe & coffee culture and of course any Aussie feeling homesick.


location // 142 Cumberland St, Yorkville

If you’re in Yorkville, you might spot the big Aussie flag, Hemingway’s is an NZ/Aussie themed pub with a huge patio. They do a bunch of Aussie themed events, such as Grand Final parties, Aussie pub night (chicken parma), Anzac day & Australia day to name a few, you’ll always find a few Aussies enjoying a cold one. Check out their website and Facebook page below for event details:

Website – hemingways.to/features/

Facebook – facebook.com/pg/hemingwaysTO/events/


Cafe De Melbourne

location // 193 Church Street

The Koala takeaway cup I think is enough to check this place out but it’s actually a really cute and homey place to sit down and enjoy a coffee. The owner is from Seattle but lived in Melbourne for 25 years (which he quickly assumed and told me was longer than me), when he moved to Toronto he couldn’t find a coffee that matched the quality of Melbourne….so he started his own! You can also find Aussie treats such as pies, sausage rolls and Jaffles.

Cafe Moi

location // 1200 Bay Street

Conveniently located right next to Bay station, if you work around here this should definitely be your morning coffee spot, they even offer some great takeaway meals such as wraps and salads. This place has had heavy Aussie influence with many Aussie style drinks on the menu. Cafe Moi certainly feels like the type of place I’d find in the CBD (downtown) in Melbourne or Sydney.

Pie Comission

location // 887 Dundas St West

Much like Kangas, this place has amazing meat pies and sausage rolls. Not only do they serve pies and sausage rolls, they also serve beer! My favourite pie there has to be The Beef n Beer with a side of beer, they also offer frozen and thawed pies so you can take some home and cook it for your friends, family or even your date if you’re trying to impress them!

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