8 Places to Grab a Cheap & Delicious Taco in Toronto

August 25, 2017

The beauty of Toronto is how multicultural this city is, which means you are going to find delicious food from all over the world. One of my greatest discoveries since being in US & Canada is their Mexican food, in particular tacos!

We do have Mexican food in Australia but it’s not the same, the really good quality is expensive at a nice restaurant and the cheap tacos are basically fatty fast food. After a trip to Mexico a few months ago and basically living off tacos I wanted to find the best places in Toronto that aren’t going to break the bank.

1. Seven Lives

Location // 69 Kensington Ave, Kensington Market

My first thoughts when biting into this big delicious taco was it’s so full of flavour, by far the best taco I’ve ever had! You should try and pick your time when going though, there’s usually a giant line because this masterpiece is no hidden secret, it’s favourite not only for Kensington Market but all of Toronto.

The taco you have to try is the Gobernador, smoked tuna, shrimp and cheese, it is delicious and will be the best fish taco you can find.

2. Grand Electric Toronto

location // 330 Queen St West

This place is a great mix of a cool bar and great tacos, so it’s perfect if you want to go for a casual feed with a friend, to start off a big night out!

It can be quite loud when it’s busy but the place is buzzing and in a great location on Queen street west close to Dufferin St. My favourite taco has to be the beef cheek, it just melts in your mouth with the hit of all the other flavours and mix that with a beer or other drink, you can’t go wrong!

3. Wilbur Mexicana

location // 552 King St West

Located in the busyness of King Street West is this great Mexican joint. Wilbur has managed to combine the best attributes of a casual bar, a fast food joint and a nice restaurant into one. When you first walk in there is a big sign with the menu making it super easy to decide before you get to the counter and then once you have ordered they deliver the food to you table.

It’s quick, easy and the food is delicious. This place is great if you just want to chill by yourself, go out for a few drinks with friends or just a casual meal with friends.

4. Tacos 101

location // 101 Dundas St East

Just a few minutes walk from the craziness of Dundas Square you will find this really cool taco joint. The place is designed for takeaway or a quick feed, they just have 2 benches which can seat no more than 10 people at a time.

If you are around the area and don’t feel like another chain restaurant or fast food you should definitely stop by Tacos 101 for a delicious taco.

5. El Trompo

location // 277 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market

If the line at Seven Lives is too long, don’t worry there’s a backup that’s almost just as good. El Trompo, which is located on Augusta Ave is a small Mexican restaurant with seating inside and a cute patio out the front right in the heart of Kensington Market.

You have to try the Al Pastor, which is more of your classic Mexican taco with small, simple tacos with delicious marinated pork.

6. Tacos El Asador

location // 689 Bloor St West

Just a few minutes walk from Christie station/Christie Pitts park, right in the middle of Korea town and surrounded by several Korean restaurants you will strangely find an awesome Mexcian restaurant.

Tacos El Asador is a great place for a casual dinner with friends, and the tacos are cheap and delicious.

7. Buster’s sea cove food truck

location // @bustersseacove

This place is a bit harder to find but if you happen to stumble across Buster’s Sea Cove Food Truck then you should definitely grab a taco or 3. Specialising in fresh seafood tacos, it’s a simple menu generally consisting of 3 items, I personally recommend the shrimp taco, it’s amazing!

The best way to find the food truck is to follow them on Instagram, they generally post where they are going to be, if it happens to be close to you or you feel like going on an adventure to find some amazing fish tacos, click on the link below!


8. Banh Mi Boys

location // 392 Queen St West // 399 Yonge Street

This place isn’t your classic Mexican taco but considering Toronto is one of the most multi-culture cities in the world, I thought I would throw in a fusion. Bahn Mi Boys is a Vietnamese sandwich shop that also offer a Vietnamese inspired taco.

It looks and feels like you are about to bite into a taco but it has all the tasty Vietnamese flavours. With 2 conveniently located places, I would definitely recommend this place for a cheap feed.

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