Where to Grab Aussie Food in Toronto

July 17, 2017

Whether you are an Aussie that’s feeling a bit home sick, someone who has lived in Australia that loves the food or just curious about what we eat in Australia, you can find some amazing places in Toronto.

We love our meat pies and sausage rolls, which you will find at every bakery and several cafe’s and restaurants in Australia. If you pop down to the local pub, you will find meals such as Steak, Chicken Parmagiana and Fish & Chips, here are some great places to find these type of foods in Toronto!

Meat Pies & Sausage Rolls

Nothing more Aussie than a meat pie and fortunately in the past few years several places to grab a great meat pie & sausage rolls have become available

1. The Pie Commission

LOCATION // 887 Dundas St WEST

The Pie Commission is a little pie joint near Trinity Bellwoods park. Their speciality is the braised beef pie but if you want to go really Aussie you have to try the ‘Beef n Beer’ with a side of beer.

As I sat down in The Pie Commission, after being served by a fellow Aussie I took a bite into my pie and a sip of my beer and it brought me back to being at the footy on a Saturday arvo.


​​2. Kangas

LOCATION // 65 Duncan Street // 99 Bay St, PATH // 150 King St West

You can tell straight away by the name this is Aussie, Kangas have 3 locations downtown Toronto and have great selection of Aussie meat pies, sausage rolls and even lamingtons.

They even have New Zealand style pie, to which an Aussie who was also in Kanga was outraged I betrayed my country and got an NZ pie (sorry but it’s pretty good)

3. Brick Street Bakery

location // 27 Trinity Street, Distillery District

If you’re after a great sausage roll, you should definitely check out Brick Street Bakery. They also have a range of meat pies but they are more British, such as a Steak & Stout Pie and Shepard Pie.Head down to Brick Street Bakery in Distillery District, grab yourself a delicious Sausage Roll, then grab a coffee from Arvo (an Aussie cafe), then head over to Roselle’s for a pavlova….perfect combo!

Chicken parmigiana

1. Hemiingways

location // 42 Cumberland St, Yorkville

If you want to feel like you’re in a pub enjoying an amazing parma/parmy you have to go to Hemingways, the only catch is it’s only available on the first Wednesday of each month. But for $15 including chips, salad and a pot of beer you should definitely jot this one into your diary!

Check out their Facebook Events page for the next Aussie Pub Night:

2. Cafe Diplomatico

location // 594 College St, Little italy

Considering it is an Italian meal, where better to get a great Chicken Parmigiana than in the heart of Little Italy, Cafe Diplomatico is great spot with fantastic Italian food and a nice patio. if you’re after a Parma you should definitely check this place out.

Fish & chips

You don’t have to search too far for a descent Fish & Chip joint in Australia, they’re in every area and being a country where 85% of the population live near the coast you know the quality is going to be great. Although Toronto is not well known for it’s seafood, it doesn’t stop this awesome city from having some great places to find Fish & Chips.

1. The one that got away

location // 581 King St West

Right in the mix of where some of the coolest bars are in Toronto, you will find a great spot for Fish & Chips, the fish is only lightly fried so you don’t get that deep fried feeling like you’re eating something from KFC and the chips are crispy and delicious!

2. Fresco’s Fish and Chips

location // 201 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market

Kensignton market hosts many great spots to eat and this is certainly one of them, Fresco’s has got plenty of seating so you’ll have no problem sitting down and enjoying your Fish & Chips.

They have a nice little patio out the front overlooking Augusta Ave. Which means you can sit down, enjoy some Fish & Chips and watch all the weird and whacky things in Kensignton Market.

3. harbord fish & chips

Location // 147 Harbord St

This is more of your classic Fish & Chips, the place is tiny with a couple of wooden park style seats out the front. The Fish & Chips even comes in newspaper, how cools that!


1. Pavlova

Pavlova is a personal favourite of mine and one of the best desserts you can find in Australia. The cream based dessert surrounded by delicious meringue and fruit on top, how can you go wrong? I had to search hard and far for this one, but you can get a pavlova in Toronto without having to make it, because let’s face it, it’s way too much hassle and it will never be as good as my grandma used to make it.

Roselle Desserts – location // 362 King St E (close to distillery district)

You may need to call ahead or email to see when they have it in, but at the moment you can find a pavlova between 8-11pm Friday and Saturday evenings.

2. Lamington

There may be many debates over whether Pavlova is actually Australian but there’s no doubt Lamington’s are as Aussie as they come, the soft sponge cake desert with jam that is covered in a layer of chocolate and coconut, this goes down well for any sweet tooth! You can find a lamington at the following places in Toronto

kangas – LOCATION // 65 Duncan Street // 99 Bay St, PATH // 150 King St West

baddies – location // 679 lansdowne avenue


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