Where to Grab that Morning Coffee Before Work in Toronto

October 11, 2017

Don’t know about you, but before I even think about being productive or doing any work, I need my morning coffee! In Melbourne, it seems to be the norm that every goes to cafe before work to get their morning coffee and I feel Toronto is slowly adapting to a similar culture, fortunately more and more cafe’s are popping up that serve amazing coffee in perfect locations with their main customer base being sleepy people needed that pick me up before work.

Sam James

location // several

‘Sam James Coffee Bar’ in case you were wondering what SJCB stood for. I’m going to put it out there and say one of the top 5 coffee’s I’ve ever had in my life has come from Sam James, and I’ve drunk a ridiculous amount of coffee in my life.

Luckily Sam James have several locations scattered across Toronto, all these places are small and designed more for takeaway or a casual catch-up with a friend, as all locations don’t offer much in the way of seating. They even have a store located in the PATH (St Andrew station) so in the cold winter days you don’t even have to go outside!



Fahrenheit are serious about their coffee, they want their customers to get the true coffee experience not just the caffeine hit to wake you up. I went in and asked for a cortado to go, to which they told me “sorry we don’t sell cortado to go, have you got 5 minutes to sit down and enjoy it.” The same applies if you get an espresso (don’t know why you would get a takeaway espresso anyway)

I love this approach because most people will tip a bar tender $1 to open a beer but won’t tip a barista because they don’t realise the thought and effort that goes into making a great coffee!


location // 140 Yonge St // 199 Bay St, Financial District

I first discovered this place my first week in Toronto. I was walking past and the line was massive! So I thought ‘Must be amazing coffee!‘ I waited in line with a bunch of people in suits, young girls having a catch up, mums with strollers and waited for my coffee. Luckily enough these guys move incredibly fast, I had my coffee in no time and it was definitely as good as expected! Since then Dineen has turned into my favourite place to grab a coffee in all of Toronto, it has it all!

Earlier this year they opened a new store in the Commerce Court building, so if you’re working in the area there are now more great places to get your morning coffee!

Pilot Coffee Roasters

location // Union Station

Are you one of thousands of people that go through Union Station each day? The busiest transport hub in Toronto luckily has an amazing little joint that serve great coffee! Whether you’re getting off the subway, bus, train or street car you have a delicious coffee waiting for you at Pilot Coffee Roasters. It is located in the Great Hall, the closest entrance is from Front Street.


M Square

location // 123 Queen St West (under sheratan centre)

M Square is a cafe located in the PATH underneath the Sheratan Centre on Queen Street, close to Nathan Phillips Square (where the giant touristy TORONTO sign is). This place has high traffic in the morning on work days, so if you work close by I definitely recommend making M Square your local before work coffee shop.

Cafe Moi

location // 1200 Bay Street

Located right next to Bay station in a busy business area. This place reminds me of the kind of cafe you would find in the big cities in Australia. They have delicious coffee and also some healthy breakfast options as well, including wraps, salads and juice! Cafe Moi can definitely be the perfect start to your long work day!

Sorry Coffee

location // 102 Bloor St West, Yorkville (back of Kit Ace)

“Sorry, we don’t accept cash” is what you’ll get back if you hand them a $5 note in Sorry Coffee Co, but who uses cash these days anyway? The ‘card only’ little cafe, is perfect for your morning cafe, close to Bay station and the great shops in Yorkville!

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