Where To Find The Coolest Views in Toronto

August 4, 2017

You don’t have to travel far to find some amazing views in Toronto, although it’s hard to compete with the mountains out west and the beautiful scenery in northern Ontario, Toronto has a uniqueness to the city that I love. The peak of it’s uniqueness and well the highest peak of the city is the CN tower and although there are several amazing places to get a great view of the skyline including the CN Tower, there are also some amazing places to see a great view of some parks and beaches.

Scarborough Bluffs

location // 47 Cecil Crescent, Scarborough

I hadn’t even heard of this place until after I’d lived in Toronto for 6 months and friend asked me to join them to Scarborough Bluffs. When I arrived I was amazed at how beautiful this place was, this is still Toronto right? Go to the Scarborough Crescent Park to get some amazing views over the cliffs and the beach. You can get there by TTC, it will take about an hour from downtown but it’s much easier to drive.

See how far you can walk along the cliff below…..just don’t look down.

humber Bay park East

location // 100 Humber Bay Park Rd West

Located on the west side, you will find a Humber Bay Park East (Humber Bay Park West is right next to it). This is a beautiful park that almost feels like you’re on a an island being surrounded by trees and the lake. The park is a great place for a quiet stroll, to walk your dog or go for a jog. There are busses, street cars and plenty of parking right near the park.

Toronto Islands

Torontonians got a shock right before summer started in 2017 finding out that Toronto Islands won’t be open until August because this is one of the coolest places in Toronto. They have amazing views not only of the city/skyline but also some great beaches, parks and places to eat/drink around the island. Catch a ferry Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and wonder around this beautiful spot. Sometimes the ferry can be a long wait, so I suggest catching a water taxi over for a few extra bucks and you can catch the ferry back for free!

Tommy Thompson Park

location // 1 Leslie Street

It’s a bit of a hike to get to but totally worth it! Tommy Thompson park is located on the East side and goes all the way around to the back of Toronto Islands, which gives you a ripper view of the skyline and Toronto in general!

The best way to get here is definitely by bike, if you are coming from downtown there is a great bike path that goes past Cherry Beach, Polson Pier and then all the way around Tommy Thompson Park.

Riverdale Park East

location // 550 Broadview Ave

Just south of Broadview Station (line 1) you will find Riverdale Park East, a big open park which hosts an athletics field and baseball field for the active, plenty of open grass space for anyone who wants to chill and an amazing view of the skyline at the top of the ridiculously steep hill. This park is perfect spot for chilling with some mates with a few beers on a Sunday arvo (afternoon) overlooking that awesome view of the skyline. In winter the big hill is a hot spot for tobogganing.

Chester hill Lookout

location // Chester Hill Road

Hidden at the end of a residential street is one of the coolest views of the Toronto skyline, go by on a clear sunny day and you’ll enjoy some great views of the city. Jump on a subway to Chester station (line 2) and walk about 5-10 minutes to Chester Hill Road and the end you will find the lookout.

Evergreen Brickworks

location // 550 Bayview Ave

There are some fantastic bike trails around here and also some beautiful green landscape, which isn’t that common on Toronto. Evergreen Brickworks have markets and art galleries but what I love is the lookout! There are also some great little hikes around the area that make you feel like you’re out of the big city.

To get to Evergreen Brickworks I’d recommend riding or hiring a bike, there is parking if you have a car and if you are catching TTC it’s a bit of a hike but there is a bus that goes from Davisville station (line 1) or it’s about a 20 minute walk from Castle Frank (line 2).

Extra Mention….

Gooderham Building

location // 49 Wellington St East

The iconic Flatiron Building is a crazy thin building located where Wellington, Front & Church St meet. The building was originally built as offices for a distillery back in 1892 and now is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Toronto. The area itself as an awesome with the St Lawrence Market and so many great restaurants to eat including at the bottom of the Gooderham building where you can sit outside on the patio and have a drink.

The building is a 5 minute walk from King station and located fairly central downtown, which makes it very easy to find.

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Check out the map below to find all these cool spots!

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