Fun & Adventurous Day Trips In Ontario

August 17, 2017

Looking to get out of Toronto for a day or 2? You will find some awesome ideas in the list below, including cliff jumping, beautiful beaches, canoeing and waterfalls. I visited most of these places in just a day trip and they are all not far from Toronto, make sure you check out the video below for all my adventures in Ontario! Enjoy!

cliff jumping in tobermory

I couldn’t believe a place like this existed in Ontario, the crystal clear water and beautiful cliffs, I felt like I was back in the Mediterranean. Tobermory is located on the Bruce Peninsula and is just under 4 hours away from Toronto, which makes it the perfect spot for a weekend away. The best place to visit is called The Grotto cave, which is a beautiful naturally formed cave. Just before you make it to the Grotto, you will stop by Indian Head Cove, here you will find the beautiful clear water and has some great spots for cliff jumping!

waterfall hopping in Hamilton

The waterfall capital of the world hosts over a 100 waterfalls within the small city, it takes under an hour to get to Hamilton from Toronto and I definitely recommend a day of checking out some of the beautiful waterfalls Hamilton has to offer, some of them also offer a nice little hike too! The above picture is of Chedoke Falls which I had to climb down a cliff on a slightly dangerous path to get down there, only to see other people who had hiked there the civilised way on the hiking trail.

Here is a list of 10 of the most popular waterfalls in Hamilton:

canoeing in algonquin park

If you’re looking for a day trip or a weekend away and would like to see one of the biggest and most beautiful National Parks full of big lakes, wildlife, waterfalls and amazing scenery Algonquin park is the place to go!  One of the best ways to wonder through the park is by hiring a canoe. Along the way you can find things like swings to jump into the water, waterfalls and places to stop and have a picnic.

WARNING – Please, please, please bring insect/bug repellent because the lake attracts a lot of mosquitoes and unless you want to be looking like you have chicken pox I recommend the some mosquito repellent (advice I wish I had before going)

I recommend going to Algonquin Outfitters but here is a list of places to go canoeing:

ziplining one of the national parks

They’re called flying foxes back home but here in Canada, they’ve given it a more boring name ‘ziplining’. But don’t worry it’s not boring at all! You get to zip across from one tree to another with some beautiful views over the national parks in Ontario.

You can find the ziplining at any Treetop Trekking locations, the above picture is from the Brampton location, which is only a 45 minute drive from downtown Toronto! They also provide tree top trekking which is basically climbing through trees like a monkey, it’s super fun and a great way to conquer that fear of heights! Check out more info on their website below.

Treetop Trekking Ontario Zipline Parks

walk the badlands at cheltenham badlands

The badlands are located in Caledon, just outside of Brampton and are very out of place when it comes to Ontario landscape but nonetheless it’s definitely worth a stop-by to check out the unusual scenery that almost makes you feel like you’re in the outback (minus the weather).

You’re not ‘supposed’ to walk along the trail to reach the Badlands, but you can find out more info and where there is a lookout here:

grab a cool photo at niagara falls

One of the top 10 most visited tourists attractions in the world, you must stop by Niagara for quick snap! And obviously admire the natural phenomenon. As soon as you get close to the falls you can hear the water crashing onto the lake and then once you see the falls it is truly amazing how big it is! The entire town is very touristy, but I like the fact that there is so much to do and see there other than the Falls, they have many shops, rides, restaurants and a casino available so if you decided to stay for a few days, there is plenty to keep you busy. You can even cross the bridge and visit the US side but just be ready, the US customs love asking you a bunch of questions and they want specific answers.

Handy Tip – The cheapest way to get to Niagara Falls from Toronto if you don’t have a car is using Safeway Tours, they are a Chinese based tour company which offer busses from downtown Toronto to the Niagara Falls Casino (10 minute walk from the falls) the bus takes 2 hours and generally costs between $20-25 return! If you are really curious about Niagara Falls you can do a tour and they generally go to Niagara on the Lake which is a very pretty town, but in my opinion the best way to do it is to catch the bus down and explore the falls yourself. 

walk along the cliff at scarborough bluffs

The only place to feature that is in Toronto and in my opinion the most beautiful landscape in Toronto. It is located in the east side of Toronto in Scarborough. If you’re brave enough, you should try walking along the cliff with both sides a very long fall. The scariest part isn’t actually walking out to the end, it is realising that you have to turn around in that small area. Maybe not the best idea to walk along the cliff if you’re terrified of heights or if it’s a windy day.

There is also a little path (that is very steep) that takes you down to the beach, which is much quicker than driving all the way around or walking half an hour to get there.

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