7 Funky Cafes in Toronto That Serve Amazing Coffee

July 26, 2017

Whilst on my search for great coffee in Toronto I began to realise there are so many places in Toronto that serve a great coffee. Not only that, I also found some funky/interesting cafe’s as well. Places thats aren’t just the standard cafe that you’re used to. From food trucks to crazy latte art and funky interior, Toronto seems to have it all! The best part is all these places still manage to offer a top-quality standard of coffee! 


location // 460 King St West

This place is certainly not your classic cafe, as soon as you walk in it may be a bit confusing because on the left they have the coffee set up with coffee machines and on the right side is the counter. At first glance, it’s such a big space and there’s only 1 bench with about 4-5 seats, but if you wonder out back you will find they share their space with Brainstation, which is a huge room with plenty of seating.

I’ve been to Quantum a few times and every time the espresso based coffee drinks have been top quality, especially the cappuccino! They also offer drip coffee, cold brew, pour over coffee & loose-leaf tea, so there are plenty of options.

Jacked up coffee

location // 144 Yorkville Ave, Yorkville

Look out for the little blue van with sign ‘JACKED UP COFFEE’ you are sure to find yourself an amazing coffee, currently the van is located Yorkville Village Shopping Centre but in case it’s on the move, check out Toronto Food Trucks – http://torontofoodtrucks.ca/jacked-up-coffee-food-truck-toronto

I would safely say food is always better from a food truck, turns out the same rule applies for coffee! Jacked Up Coffee is definitely one of the best coffee’s I’ve had in Toronto, you have to try an espresso or a cortado because the coffee is so full of flavour!

himalayan coffee house

location // 2552 Yonge Street

Straight away from the pictures you can tell why this place is a little quirky and different. Himalayan Coffee House is located slightly North of downtown near Yonge & Eg (Eglinton station) and they specialise in funky, creative latte art.

You can either ask them for a surprise, ask them to draw something specific or even bring in a drawing and they can draw from that. I went here just expecting some cool latte art but surprisingly the coffee is fantastic as well. You should definitely check out some of their work on Instagram below, it’s very impressive!


location // 28 Kensington Ave, Kensington Market

What would a list of interesting places in Toronto be without mentioning something in Kensington Market. Fika is a Swedish inspired cafe that feels like you are going into someone’s home, but as you walk in you will find yourself inside a cute cafe with interesting decor, couch chairs and a giant wall full of books, not like a library just random books stuck on the wall, it’s very quirky! #instagrammable

This is a great place to sit down and relax or catch up with a friend because there is plenty of seating, I would recommend trying an espresso based drink such as a latte or cortado, but if it’s an nice day grab one of their iced drinks and sit out the front!

A post shared by FIKA Cafe (@fikakensington) on

A post shared by FIKA Cafe (@fikakensington) on

rooster coffee

location // 568 Jarvis Street // 343 King Street East

Another funky cafe to try is Rooster Coffee house, with locations on Jarvis Street (close to Bloor) and King Street West (close to Distillery District).

Both of the cafe’s have quirky features about them. From a random ladder in the middle of the cafe and a mezzanine level to people watch at Jarvis St, to old style suitcases lying around with a hipster/dapper feel about it at King St. These cafe’s are a great place to sit down and enjoy some delicious coffee either by yourself or with company!

little havana cafe

location // torontofoodtrucks.ca

A really cool converted minivan that travels around Toronto selling Cuban inspired coffee, their signature coffee is The Little Havana, which is essentially a Cuban coconut milk latte, it features coconut whipped cream, caramel and shredded coconut. If you like coconut and you like coffee, you will love The Little Havana coffee at the Little Havana Cafe, this place is constantly on the move so keep track of the place at Toronto Food Trucks:


Generally they will be surrounded by several other great food trucks, so grab yourself an awesome meal to accompany your Cuban coffee from Little Havana.

sorry coffee

location // 102 Bloor Street West, Yorkville

You won’t be sorry you went to Sorry Cafe! A cute, little modern cafe attached to the clothing store Kit Ace. With many surfaces covered in marble, it fits in well to Yorkville without being over the top. There isn’t a huge amount of seating available, so your best bet is to grab a coffee after a hard day shopping and head over to the park right next to Sorry Cafe and relax!

Extra Mention….

snakes & Lattes

location // 600 Bloor St West // 489 College Street

Although the main focus of these places are not coffee, they are certainly different and unique to Toronto. Snakes and latte’s is a great place to grab a coffee or beer with a few friends and play a board-game from the huge range available.


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