Top Cafe’s to Chill in Toronto

September 15, 2017

Whether you want to catch up with a friend for a quick cuppa or get yourself in a different environment to work on a project, I definitely recommend finding yourself and great cafe that not only serves an amazing coffee but also is also a great place to sit down for a bit and really enjoy the true cafe experience.


location // 140 Yonge St, Financial District

This place has everything, not only is it beautifully designed and almost feels like you’re in a French Brasserie it has very friendly staff and exceptional quality coffee. The staff go through extensive training before they’re even allowed to serve a coffee to a customer! Personally I’m a regular at Dineen and would definitely be my favourite cafe in Toronto!

Jimmy’s Coffee

location // several

Jimmy's Coffee

Jimmy’s is one of those places that seem to always be in the cool spots and always full of people sittin’ around sipping on their coffee’s. It’s understandable because firstly the coffee is awesome and secondly they have created an environment that everyone can enjoy!

There are 5 Jimmy’s Coffee’s around including places in Kensington Market, Queen St West and Ossignton so grab yourself a much earned coffee after a hard days shopping!


location // 17 Gristmill Lane, Distillery District

Being Aussie, I had to throw in an Aussie cafe. But besides the biassed this place is a really cute place to grab a coffee in one of the coolest areas in Toronto, the Distillery District. These guys are serious when it comes to coffee and the quality is amazing! They also frequently offer Coffee Cupping, which is basically tasting different types of coffee and learning and some very interesting facts about coffee, I thoroughly enjoyed the cupping and highly recommend it to anyone interested in coffee, check out their Facey page for the latest info:

Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

location // 613 Queen St West

One of the best areas in Toronto for shopping deserves a great cafe that serve top quality coffee! Early Bird is located on Queen St West and easily noticeable with it’s bright white brick building. The place has a very modern feel about it with the marble tables and white brick walls! There is plenty of seating and they offer free wifi as well.


location // 679 Lansdowne Ave

Another biassed Ausssie place, but what I truely love about Baddies is the mix of great brunch and top quality coffee, it’s a little bit outside of downtown core located next to Landsdowne station but I definitely recommend taking the hike out to this cafe. They serve delicious Aussie brunch meals such as Smashed Avo, brekky roll and bircher muesli.


location // 426 College St

Located close to Bathurst and College, Manic coffee have plenty of seating,offer food, some delicious desserts (including icecream!) and best of all have a cute squirrel on their cups! Unfortunately no free wifi, so not for the best place to be a personal office but a great place to catch up with a mate!

The Common

location // 408 Bloor St West, Annex

Living in the Annex myself, I find the area short of quality cafe’s, in comes The Common! this cute little cash only cafe has the best coffee you’ll find in the area. There is seating and free wifi, so you’ll almost inevitably see a bunch of Macbooks when you walk in but it’s understandable as it’s a great place to work! It’s not ideal for large groups though as it is only a little cafe. There are also 2 other Common cafe’s around the city located near Bloor & Dufferin and also College & Dufferin.


location // several

There are 4 of these cafe’s scattered across downtown Toronto, each one with it’s own little quirks, you’ll also find free wifi, first class coffee and generally plenty of seating which is awesome for the 4+ crowds!

Strange Love

Location //101 Spadina Avenue

Stange Love is a small coffee shop located on Spadina (close to King), this place has an amazing vibe about it as soon as you walk in you can notice the funky interior with indoor plants scattered all over the place. At the back there is some seating, a large coffee chart to learn a bit more about the appreciation coffee and to top it off they offer free wifi!

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