Ultimate Coffee Guide to Downtown Toronto!

December 12, 2017

Coming from Melbourne, I am a big coffee nut and can’t go a day without consuming a descent cup, I love not only the smell of a freshly poured espresso but also the general atmosphere of being in a café. Coming to Toronto, I was on a desperate search to find a great coffee and get my daily caffeine hit. At first, I’d stumble across places such as Starbucks, Timmy Hortons and Second Cup and be absolutely gutted with what they had to offer, I wanted a barista who appreciates the effort it takes to make a great coffee.

The more I searched and chatted to locals, I began to realise there are so many places in Toronto that serve a ripper coffee. Not only that, I also found some funky/interesting cafe’s, some great places to sit down and enjoy your coffee and other places to grab a coffee on the go! No matter what you’re after and where you are in Toronto, you’ll find the perfect coffee.

Click on each page to check out more detail or view the list and map of each place below!

Page 1 – Where to Grab that Morning Coffee Before Work

Page 2 – Top Cafe’s to Chill in Toronto

Page 3 – Funky Cafe’s That Serve Amazing Coffee

Where to Grab that Morning Coffee Before Work

Dineen // 140 Yonge St, Financial District

Sam James // several


Jimmy’s Coffee // several

Pilot Coffee Roasters // Union Station

M Square // 123 Queen St West (under sheratan centre)

Cafe Moi // 1200 Bay Street

Sorry Coffee // 102 Bloor St West, Yorkville (back of Kit Ace)

Top Cafe’s to Chill in Toronto

Dineen // 140 Yonge St, Financial District

Arvo // 17 Gristmill Lane, Distillery District

Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen // 613 Queen St West

Baddies // 679 Lansdowne Ave

Manic // 426 College St

The Common // 408 Bloor St West, Annex

Balzacs // several


7 Funky Cafes in toronto

Quantum // 460 King St West

Jacked up coffee // 144 Yorkville Ave, Yorkville

himalayan coffee // 2552 Yonge Street

Fika // 28 Kensington Ave, Kensington Market

rooster coffee // 568 Jarvis Street // 343 King Street East

little havana cafe // torontofoodtrucks.ca

sorry coffee // 102 Bloor Street West, Yorkville

For the full map of all locations plus a few more great places to grab a coffee, check out the map below

If you know any other great cafe’s downtown comment below, so I can add it to the map!


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